Great Migration Safaris


Great Migration Safaris

The Serengeti Great Migration Safari is an awe-inspiring spectacle that unfolds in the vast Serengeti National Park, located in Tanzania, East Africa. This iconic event is an integral part of the natural rhythm of the region, drawing travelers from around the world to witness the breathtaking wildlife spectacle.

The migration primarily occurs in the southern and central parts of the Serengeti, as well as the adjacent Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It is a circular journey that encompasses the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara in Kenya, covering an expansive area that is crucial to the survival and sustenance of countless wildebeests, zebras, and other herbivores.

The Great Migration is a year-round event, but the best time to witness this natural phenomenon is generally between late November and early August. During this period, the wildebeests and zebras undertake their remarkable journey in search of fresh grazing lands and water sources. The exact timing can vary slightly from year to year due to weather conditions.

The heart of the migration occurs between January and March when the wildebeest calving season takes place in the southern Serengeti. This is an extraordinary time to visit as the plains come alive with adorable newborns, attracting predators like lions and hyenas. From late June to early July, the migration reaches its climax with the dramatic river crossings, particularly along the Grumeti and Mara Rivers.

The numbers involved in the Great Migration are staggering, with over a million wildebeests, hundreds of thousands of zebras, and other herbivores like gazelles participating in this epic journey. The sheer scale of the movement, coupled with the presence of predators, makes for an unparalleled wildlife spectacle.

The Serengeti Great Migration Safari offers a unique opportunity for safari enthusiasts and nature lovers to witness the raw beauty of the animal kingdom in its most primal state. The synchronized movements of vast herds, the dramatic river crossings, and the interaction between predators and prey make this experience an unforgettable adventure for those seeking an authentic and untamed African safari.